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Demo in Strasbourg canceled!

In consideration of the recent happenings in France, we have canceled the manifestation and the teknival which were supposed to happen on November 12th, 2005, in Strasbourg!

After receiving authorisation for both events we were told today to cancel them. This is based on the emergency law in France. Therefore a constrained gathering and press freedom is possible. Furthermore the law allows the shutdown of meeting places and events and allows to create military courts. Also the press freedom can be constricted. According the law, the control of the press or publications of any nature like radio, cinema and theatre performances, is possible.

Basically there are no objections against our event, but for the moment they pretend that it could amount to severe riots which could manifest at the demonstration if the rioting youth would join us. This would cause the government to use the opportunity to deploy the military. We take his official warning very serious, we have decided to cancel both events and to accept the offer to hold it another time. With the support of the government, what we see as a good sign.

An aim has been to get some sort of media interest to call attention for problems in the ambit subculture and alternative lifestyles in Europe and to give a sign of solidarity and unity. The outcome of this at best would be bad press and possibly worse … see citatation above.

We hope you understand our decision! Time will tell if France/Europe will realise that there has to be changed a lot in the social and cultural politic. We will wait for a better moment.

More info soon.